Business Refuse & Recycling

Refuse & Recycling – Betta solutions for Business


From Wheelie Bins (120L or 240L) through to larger Skip Bins (660L or 1100L), Nelmac can deliver a waste collection service that fits your business needs and available storage area. Click here to order online. Affordable Greenwaste Bins are also available for businesses or organisations that regularly generate lawn clippings and other green waste. Please contact us to discuss any issues regarding disposal of potential hazardous waste should they arise.


Nelmac’s commercial recycling bins range from 120L bins to 1100L skips. We also have refuse coupons which can be applied to bundles of cardboard for kerbside collection. Please have your recycling at the kerbside by 7am. Sorting stations can be tailor-made to meet the recycling commitments of large organisations.

Nelmac’s Recycling Consultants can work with you to assess how your current inputs and outputs contribute to your total refuse output and work with you to effectively minimise your total waste and the total cost to your business. This is a FREE consultancy service that takes into account each business’ sustainability commitments and refuse management objectives. Contact us to  arrange a free on site consultation.