Nelmac Nursery


Nelmac Nursery

Nelmac’s Nursery produces over 300,000 plants annually for use in revegetation, parks, streetscapes, landscaping, commercial developments and special projects. Our dedicated plant team specialises in providing great customer service and supplying high quality plants at the best possible prices.

The Nursery has excellent quality control with plants grown from seed on site and large facilities for glasshouse propagation and growing on of healthy, sun-hardened plants. Wherever possible, we source seeds and cuttings from specific locations in the top half of the South Island to ensure a consistent supply of native plants varieties are available for revegetation and specialist projects.

Nelmac has a particular focus on  revegetation plants as well as riparian/wetland and coastal plant supply.

Nelmac Nursery plants are sold at wholesale prices with a minimum purchase quantity of 20 plants. Plant grades range from revegetation grade through to large size plants ready for home landscaping purposes.

Our prices:

  • Cell 40                          2.20 per plant
  • Root Trainer                2.60 per plant
  • 1.5L pot                        7.50
  • 4L pot                           12.50


Open Monday to Friday from 8am til 4pm 
125 Atawhai Drive, Nelson.
(Entry between Whakatu Marae and Miyazu Gardens)
Telephone: (03) 546 8591
Email: nursery@nelmac.co.nz 


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