Nelmac Rural Firefighters supporting Tasmanian Crews

Date: February 5, 2016By: NELMAC MarketingNews

Nelson rural firefighters in Tasmania, Lee Beloe, left, Nathan Palmer, Brendan Jones, Ashton Oliver and Sam Speight, are currently flown in and out of Tasmania’s fire fighting zones each day.


Along with New Zealand Defence Force personnel, and staff from Timberlands, DOC and the NZ Forestry Fire Service, Nelmac Conservation Rangers Ashton Oliver and Sam Speight are currently supporting Australian Fire Crews as they tackle bush fires across Tasmania. Nelmac has 12 qualified Rural Fire Fighters in its ranks and for 25 year old Sam Speight, this is his first time fire fighting abroad.

Of the 71 fires currently live in Tasmania: 46 are actively being fought, 11 are contained, and 14 are contained with a watch and monitor. To date the fires have impacted on an area of over 104,000 hectares with the combined fire perimeter of all fires approximately 829.5 km.