Cruel to be kind at Broadgreen

Date: July 7, 2015By: NELMAC MarketingUncategorized

When the Nelmac Horticultural Parks team took time out to assist members of the Nelson Probus Club with a rose pruning workshop, the club were at first concerned at the directness of the approach. While the Nelmac team went in boots and all with gloves, secateurs and pruning saws, the people from Probus initially took a more tentative approach. However, once they came to understand that the Cruel to be Kind approach is an absolute must for healthy roses and a great summer show – they too soon got stuck in.

Thank you for giving up your time to educate PROBUS garden club into the art of Rose pruning.  There is so much more to it than I, anyway, had ever imagined.  I know I speak for myself and may be others too, but it is no wonder my roses had never looked as healthy as they might have.  We all appreciated the insight into the difference between die back and core rot as well as all the other handy tips. Thank you again. Regards, Jill Mills

See them at work in the images below and learn the secrets of rose pruning by going to the fact sheet HERE