Nelmac SmartRaft


SmartRaft floating wetland systems naturally restore water quality in ponds and waterways.


Made from recycled material, embedded with aquatic plants and a suspended root system, SmartRaft is an effective and low maintenance water treatment solution.

SmartRafts take up nutrients around the clock improving water quality and maintaining long-term ecological balance. They source their nutrient requirements directly from the water itself.

By creating a natural habitat, SmartRafts offer much more than water treatment. Biodiversity is increased and a unique ecosystem on otherwise unused space is established.

SmartRafts are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, yet robust enough to withstand weather extremes and changing water levels.

Ideal for:

  • Lakes and slow-flowing streams
  • Ponds, dams, estuaries and reservoirs
  • Wastewater treatment, stormwater collection, irrigation, dairy effluent and silage leachate ponds
  • Fresh water, recycled water, contaminated water
  • Farmers, Lifestylers, Homeowners, Iwi Trusts, Councils, Facilities and Businesses requiring water treatment


SmartRafts improve water quality through:

  • Direct uptake of excess nutrients from the water, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, through a suspended root system submerged below the raft.
  • Removal of fine particles/suspended solids, heavy metals and pathogens through accumulation in the biofilm around the roots. Eventually the biofilm and accumulated particles slough off to deposit particles in the sediment below.
  • Employment of complex natural processes converting nitrate to nitrogen gas.
  • Limiting growth of blue-green and other algae by lowering nutrient availability in the water below and by shading of water surface, thereby excluding light which is vital to algae.
  • Increased sedimentation of particles as there are less water turbulences caused by wind, waves and thermal mixing when SmartRafts are floating on the pond.

SmartRaft™ Sustainability

smartraft-diagramSmartRafts are constructed from recycled PET bottles and aquatic plants that are grown from eco-sourced seeds.SmartRafts can be installed in existing ponds, either manmade or natural.

SmartRafts not only improve water quality, they create a unique environment and ecosystem. A plant habitat is established on the water through installing SmartRafts. This attracts waterfowl, fish and insects onto the raft and into the water which increase the biodiversity on & around the pond. The shading that SmartRafts provide helps to minimise evaporation and saves water.

SmartRafts are effective at greater depths than conventional wetlands. The plants on a SmartRaft experience no overtopping or drying out. SmartRafts achieve a consistently higher removal rate of nutrients, suspended solids, pathogens and heavy metals through the ability to support a higher plant density combined with the constant and direct contact of the roots with the water content.

SmartRafts are available on lease, which includes annual maintenance by Nelmac’s Conservation & Ecology team. Sale options with a maintenance contract on request.

For more information please contact Rob Fryer or Johanna Guettler on 0800 NELMAC / 0800 635622.

Top image: SmartRaft – two months after installation